Andreas Reimann

The artist Andreas Reimann specializes in further developments of pop art in tradition of Warhol portraits. His work includes portraits and hommages, dedicated to icons of the 20th century such as ROMY SCHNEIDER and MARLENE DIETRICH.

His technique evolved from classic painting more and more into a mixed media creation with the usage of silk screening as a major part. However he is far away from doing Warhol copies. Where Warhol counts on statics, Reimann works with dynamics. Warhol goes back to byzantine icon-painting, where the image is the image and nothing else, in contrast, Reimann is at home in the tradition of mannerism, he produces multi-layered works, with refined hidden details, he creates illusion and even reversed sense.

Reimann portrayed some of stars of pop culture in his very own complex way: DAVID BOWIE, ELTON JOHN, TINA TURNER,…all have signed their portraits. Andreas Reimann creates documents of time, monuments of a time that gets faster every day. The turn of the millenium. If we can state one thing about our global culture then surely that superpop is back. Again, there are people who get hyped as icons and then, there are those who wish to be hyped. And this kind of pop is even more extensive and with a much broader effect than in the mid 60ies or in the early 80ies, the two heydays of superpop. since then the global culture has reached most parts of the world. As always it is about creating idols and selling them. And there, the art of Andreas Reimann is the perfect medium to integrate this strategy into an artistic context. That the artist himself becomes such an idol is implied.

Andreas Reimann

Die Vita folgt.