The „Hamburg Gallery“ [Hamburger Galerie], founded in 2003, is specialized in American and International pop art, Street Art / Urban Art, as well as photo-realistic and hyper-realistic paintings. Both styles find their origin in the 1960s, mostly in the United States. The most important artists of both styles are represented at the ‘Hamburg Gallery’.

Amongst others, the classical phase of pop art is represented by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Tom Wesselmann and Mel Ramos. Interpretations of contemporary pop art can be found within the works of Frank Plant, Thomas Stimm,  and the three-dimensional wall-sculptures by the Dutch artist Diederick Kraaijeveld and Israeli artist David Gerstein. Beside other artists of the Hamburg Gallery, the photorealism and hyperrealism are represented by the Swedish artist Ralf Arzt whose lasciviously alluring nudes capture the beholder, Luis Perez who is specialized on varnish/coatings and chrome, Happy Dannenberg with his sweet seductions and Gerd Lieder whose main theme is that of mirror images and reflexions. The Street Art und Urban Art is represented by Banksy, Butch Anthony, COPE 2, INDIE, FROST, Mr.Brainwash and Shepard Fairey.

Whereby the ‘Hamburg Gallery’ occupies a special position, unique among galleries in Germany.

The services provided by the Gallery comprise guidance and counseling in regard of individual art-works, development of particular conceptions of art collections, as well as purchase and commissioning of works relevant for the gallery. Special exhibitions of individual or groups of artists take place several times a year.